Radiant Church

Radiant Church

Over the past 18 years, Radiant has grown from a handful of members to thousands of people who gather each weekend and call the church home. Vibrant worship and arts, authentic community and engaging messages dominate the Radiant experience. We built a website that illuminated their passion and communicated their culture.

  • Content Strategy

    We began by studying their audiences and understanding their users highest priorities. The information architecture was structured to identify and engage two specific user groups with distinctive visual narratives.

  • Design

    The new site needed to better reflect the vision and physical experience. We audited their brand and refreshed their visual identity to create a cohesive brand experience. The new ui features bold images and bright colors; in a word it's radiant.

  • Development

    More than just having to look good, the new site also had to perform. From integrating 3rd party applications to unique user logins for members, we developed a user-friendly system that easily translates data across various platforms.


Radiant leadership wanted a site that was visually appealing and easy to navigate as well as one that was simple for them to manage and update. They also wanted to provide a singular platform for their members to connect with community, watch messages, register for events and join groups.


From visual appearance to back end functionality, we overhauled their entire site with the driving goal of exposing people to their vision and connecting them to their community. By seamlessly integrating their 3rd party member management software, we simplified the way people connect and get involved at the church. We added additional value by interconnecting their media library, creating fun and distinctive team profiles and by building a custom interactive prayer wall.

  • Prayer Wall

    Prayer is a Radiant core value, so much so that they dedicated a room exclusively to this purpose and gave their community 24/7 access. We automated accessibility via a custom online reservation system and designed a unique user powered "prayer wall" to index requests and connect the needs of their community.

  • Community Groups

    As a large church, Radiant nurtures authentic community by connecting people in small groups that meet in homes across the city. Previously, this massive network was organized offsite by their 3rd party member management software. We designed an elegant map based platform that integrated with the software API, allowing users to search and connect to groups without ever leaving the website.

  • Media Library

    Creative messages are often delivered in themed series with internally created graphics and collateral for promotion and support. We began by cataloguing each message into an individual series page that visually showcased the theme and message details. Media content was tagged and optimized for intuitive searching, suggestive promotion and consistent playback across devices. A singular media library was constructed to house the entire collection and allow for direct access from the homepage.

Ease of Use

The entire site was connected to the Wordpress CMS, an easy-to-use content management system. By developing custom fields and unique post types, a complex collection of data and visual assets can easily be updated to reflect the most current information and connect users to new opportunities in the Radiant community.

When we do the hard work we set up the next generation to see his handiwork.

Pastor Lee Cummings
Lead Pastor