Sawyer Products

Sawyer Products

Since 1984, Sawyer Products has delivered the outdoor industry’s best, most technologically advanced and easy to use outdoor protection products. Sawyer is built on science and their hardcore users know that when you need outdoor protection products that perform, the only solution is Sawyer. Sawyer’s challenge was communicating that same message to a broader and more tech savvy audience. That’s where Thinkbox came in.

  • Brand Positioning

    We partnered with Sawyer to make their brand and it’s message more relatable to the general consumer by simplifying their highly scientific message and creating deliverables that show instead of tell.

  • Website Development

    We’ve crafted multiple responsive web entities with Sawyer and have focused on educating their customers, expanding their customer base, and making it easier to purchase Sawyer products from their multiple international distributors.

  • Digital Marketing

    We plan and manage Sawyer’s entire digital marketing strategy consisting of the onsite optimization of their website, design of their landing pages, and the placement and management of their Display and PPC campaigns.

What do the numbers say?



increase in site-wide organic website traffic



increase in organic traffic to the Permethrin product line



increase in website traffic from previous paid advertising


We’ve partnered with Sawyer to evolve their brand into one that, simply put, communicates better. We’ve built websites and digital marketing campaigns and we manage the platforms on which their audience seeks to communicate with them. Sawyer is now able to be more responsive in today’s rapidly evolving retail and online marketplace.


Sawyer’s digital presence rests solely on their custom built responsive WordPress website. The site is optimized for mobile users, educates their customer base, and easily moves their buyers to points of product purchasing.

Digital Marketing

Using Display Advertising and Pay Per Click Marketing, Sawyer is able to stay in front of their core customers while rotating seasonal messaging that speaks to and attracts their niche based market segments.

Landing Pages

By connecting their Digital Marketing campaigns directly to their website, Sawyer is able to draw a direct ROI to their Digital Marketing spend and adjust their seasonal and niche strategies to most effectively manage the growth of their business.

Sawyer has a mission to help deliver clean water to those who desperately need it around the world.
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