Mark Decker

Project Manager

“Adventure: The Pursuit of Life”

Daniel Roy Wiarda

Mark Decker

I love my life! I’ve got an amazing wife and two awesome little girls. They are what make me bring my best every day. The opportunity to do life with those three is a blessing that I couldn’t be happier about. I love spending time at the park, going for walks, and working in our yard. Teaching my girls about “things” and seeing them grow in knowledge about the world around them. They truly are the best and most important things in my life.

I’m a firm believer of continual growth and learning. There is always something more to see, hear, touch, taste, or smell. I also believe that teaching and leading promotes deeper understanding and growth in one’s self.

As a business “professional”, I am goal focused. Being overly competitive, I tend to keep score for everything, and do the same with my work. I love to have fun, and for me, winning is definitely more fun. In any “game”, it’s the attention to detail throughout that leads to success, not just the highlight reel. Sometimes it takes getting a little dirty, spending a little extra time in the gym, or reviewing the playbook one more time, to make sure the game plan can and will be implemented to its fullest.

Mark Decker

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